Christy Cote » Boot Camp
Beginner’s Boot Camp with Christy Cote & The Elite Tango Force
Sun Sept 15 - 10:30a - 6p
La Pista, 3450 3rd St - Building 5 - Unit H - San Francisco

One full day of kick butt Argentine Tango instruction! Everything you need to get on the dance floor and start dancing plus history of Argentine Tango and Milonga etiquette. Christy and her team of experienced dancers, known as “The Elite Tango Force”, will get you started and take your dancing to the next level.
Great for newcomers or those who want to fine tune the basics.

Early Bird Pricing (register by 9/1): $125 per person $199 per couple

Regular Pricing (after 9/1): $140 per person $215 per couple

To register:

Questions? [email protected]

Boot Camps with Joaquín Amenábar Author of “Tango: Let’s Dance to the Music!”
Sat Jul 22 & Sun Jul 23
Trilliant Studios, 130 Linden Street, Oakland, CA

Joaquín Amenábar is the Author of “Tango: Let’s Dance to the Music!”, the first book of it’s kind which teaches tango dancers about tango music in a language they can clearly understand. Joaquín is a professor of Bandoneon at the City of Buenos Aires Higher Conservatory of Music at the University of Buenos Aires, Lopez Buchardo National Conservatory and at the Avellaneda School of Folk Music. Having danced tango since 1994, he has taught Tango music – as applied to dance – to dancers without a musical education since 1998. Visit his website at He has run courses in much of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. In 2013 he visited the Bay Area for the first time and 91 students enjoyed his Boot Camp! He returned in 2014 & 2015 to an equally enthusiastic reception. Don’t miss his only visit in 2017!

Sat Jul 22
Introductory Program
(recommended for all levels)
10:30am – 6:00pm

This is the introductory course covering musicality for Tango, Vals and Milonga offered around the world by Joaquín. It is the prerequisite for any of his other courses. Even if you have taken this course before it is highly recommended that you repeat this course for further depth of understanding of the material.

Sun Jul 23
Tango Style and Evolution
(for advanced dancers who have previously taken the Introductory Program)
10:30am – 6:00pm

This course will give dancers an in depth understanding of the music of the Golden Era of Tango. Joaquín will teach how to recognize certain orchestras and periods of music. The final segment of the day will be on 3-3-2 Syncopation.

Early Bird pricing if registered by 7/10:
$110 per person for 1 day $189 per person for 2 days

Pricing after 7/10:
$125 per person for 1 day $215 per person for 2 days

Organizer: Christy Coté ([email protected])

To register: Discount code: CHRISTY-SPEC

Boot Camp with Eduardo Saucedo & Christy Cote
Sat Nov 4 & Sun Nov 5, 2017
Trilliant Studios, Oakland, CA

13 hours of kick butt Argentine Tango instruction including Tango
& Milonga. Eduardo Saucedo is one of the most popular master teachers from Buenos Aires. Together, Eduardo & Christy create an invigorating and challenging Boot Camp with new material
every time!

Sat 10:30a – 6p Intermediate to Advanced level
Sun 10:30a – 6p Advanced level only

Registration will be open in late July.

Questions: [email protected]

$215 Two day boot camp $125 for Sat or Sun only