Christy Cote » Boot Camp
Boot Camp for Experienced Followers who want to Learn to Lead
Sun Jan 20
La Pista, 3450 3rd Street, Bldg. 5, Unit H, San Francisco

10:30am – 6pm

6 1/2 hours of kick butt Argentine Tango instruction by Christy Cote Christy’s Boot Camps have attracted hundreds of aspiring Tango dancers over the past 12 years and have garnered rave reviews. Christy’s unique teaching method gets you on the dance floor fast! This Boot Camp is specifically for Follower’s who already Follow at an Intermediate to Advanced Level who want to learn to lead. The morning session will focus on basic elements of the dance with quality of movement, connection and musicality to get you feeling and looking good on the dance floor. The afternoon session explores the structure of the dance thru the 6 basic elements that Leaders invite the Followers to dance to prepare you for a higher level of the dance. All of which is designed to get you feeling confident in the Leader’s role ASAP – Boot Camp style!


Proceeds benefit Tango Con Fusión in their 2018/2019 season!

Boot Camp for Experienced Dancers with Eduardo Saucedo & Christy Cote
May 4 & 5, 2019
Trilliant Studios, 130 Linden Street, Oakland, CA

13 hours of kick butt Argentine Tango instruction including Tango, Vals & Milonga. Eduardo Saucedo is one of the most popular master teachers from Buenos Aires. Together, Eduardo & Christy create an invigorating and challenging Boot Camp with new material every time!

Saturday May 4
10:30am – 6pm (int/adv level)

Sunday May 5
10:30am 0 6pm (adv level only)

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Questions or for a detailed list of what will be taught email

Early Bird Pricing:
$199 Two Day Boot Camp/$115 for Sat or Sun only
(credit card fees included)

Pricing after Mar 31:
$225 Two Day Boot Camp/$130 for Sat or Sun only
(credit card fees included)